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#womeninwintersports – Sabrina Müller
Heads Shaper at Snowpark Turracher Höhe

She is not only shredding park regularly, but she’s also responsible for Snowpark Turracher Höhe being THE shred hot spot in Carinthia. She’s proving that girls are well able to work with shovels and shape tools and are in no way inferior to their male colleagues. Clear the stage for our Head Shaper Sabrina.

Why did you become a shaper?

I love the mountains and I wanted to spend as much time as possible there.


How do your tasks as a Head Shaper look like?

Here at Turracher Höhe, I’m responsible for four quite big projects: Kidsslope, Funslope, Funcross and Snowpark. In matters of the Snowpark, I receive support of the project manager. Being a Head Shaper, I’m at a different facility every day so I stay on top of all the projects. Here, it’s crucial to maintain a good communication within the crew and with the colleagues from the ski resort. Besides the day-to-day business which includes opening and reshaping we have to organize a lot: rosters for the shapers, repair works, reconstructions, controlling fences, communicating with the office… there’s always something to do.


What do the boys say about having a female boss on the mountain?

“Not so bad” they say…

They think I’m doing a very good job and that I’m a strong woman. Quote: “She works like a man”


Would you recommend this job to other girls and why?

Definitely! Being a female worker on the mountain, people highly appreciate you and like to help you out. You definitely have some advantages here and there compared to male colleagues.


As a shaper, what requirements do you have to meet?

You gotta be quick-witted and having some muscles is also beneficial (laughs).


Can you recall situations (also in your job) in which women were considered weaker or inferior? Or have you faced prejudices on the mountain? If so, how do you deal with these situations?

Yeah, of course. As a woman, people tend to frown at you if you know how to work with your tools, solder or ride a snowmobile. The lads can hardly believe it, but they like it. Working as a shaper on the mountain is tough and you have to be resilient. Sometimes, men throw some ambiguous lines at you. That’s when you need to strike back. In my opinion though, the respect that men show towards female colleagues/shapers is very high.

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What message do you want to forward to all the girls who think about working in a field that is dominated by men?

Do it! Try it and show men what women are capable of!


If you want to spend a season as a shaper at Snowpark Turracher Höhe, then just apply at the Shape Academy! And who knows, maybe you will be building and shredding your own playground soon – just like Sabrina! 


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