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Nock’n’Rock – Jib-Party in the Nocky Mountains

On Saturday, February 24, the Nocky Mountains were rocked once again at the 6th stop of the QParks Tour! At the Nock’n’Rock, numerous motivated snowboarders and freeskiers gathered at the Snowpark Turracher Höhe and fought an awesome freestyle battle – only the weather didn’t quite play along.

When the first riders arrived in the park, it actually looked like it would be a perfect contest day with bluebird weather. It seemed that the fog that had covered the obstacles before was clearing away. However, after the first training runs it became clear that the fog would stay and that the contest line would have to do without kickers – Safety first! That meant that the contest was spontaneously relocated to the rail line and now consisted of 5 different obstacles on three hits. On the first hit, the riders could choose between Rainbow Box, Flat Tube and Flat/Down Rail. The following features were a High Tube and a Down Rail. The participants were unimpressed by the spontaneous change of plans and showed the spectators and the judges some sick runs on the rails!

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Jib-Kings & Queens

In the snowboard category some familiar faces made it onto the podium. One of them was Felix Widnig (AUT). The winner of last year’s QParks Tour took the first place in the category Snowboard Men. He convinced the judges with a Switch Boardslide to Frontside Boardslide on the Flat/Down Rail, a Boardslide on the High Tube and a Backblunt 270 out on the Down Rail. “Unfortunately, we were unlucky with the weather. But I thought it was cool that they made a rail contest out of it and didn’t call everything off!”, Felix was satisfied. The Dutch Jay Goudswaard (NLD) took the second place behind Felix and was followed by Dominik Holzinger (AUT) on the third.

In the category Snowboard Ladies, two girls who are well known in the Snowpark Turracher Höhe made it onto the podium, namely two members of the shapecrew: Naomi Mcfarlane (NZL) took the first place and Natalia Kusztal (POL) the second. “It is really too bad that the fog prevented us from having a kicker contest. The contest line was set up so well. But despite the fog everyone had lots of fun!”, Naomi says. She won with a Boardslide on the Flat Tube and a 50/50 Backside 270 out on the High Tube. The Austrian Michaela Tiefenbacher (AUT) finished third.

In the category Snowboard Grom Men, Dominik Holzinger (AUT) eventually took the first place. He was followed by Eric Dovjak (AUT) and Lan Gabrijelčič (SVN).

Sem Wolfs (NLD) won the Best Trick Award. He convinced the judges with a Cab 270 – 270 out on the last Down Rail and thus won 100€.


Also the freeskiers showed the spectators their jib-skills. Mathias Lavrijssen (BEL), Leon Ernhofer (AUT) and Nicco Huber (AUT) made it onto the podium in the category Freeski Men. Mathias secured his victory with a Blindside 270 out and a 270 out Frontside 450 out. On top of that, he won the Best Trick Award and thus 100€ with his second trick. “It’s an awesome feeling to have won. I didn’t expect it. It’s just a great feeling!”, the Belgian comments his victory.

In the category Freeski Ladies, Victoria Ressel (AUT) took the first Place before Ajda Tkavc (SLO) and Greta Staudacher (AUT).

Luis Resch (AUT) won the category Grom Men. Samuel Cherlias (AUT) finished second and Marvin Baumann (AUT) third.


After-Contest-Party with cake

At the end of the contest, all participants were treated with a sweet surprise cake! Not any cake, but a big fat QParks birthday cake – The snowpark veterans of the Quality Parks are celebrating their 15th birthday this winter season and thus “15 years for Freestyle”.

Despite foggy sight, the Nock’n’Rock was a great success and the Park in an awesome shape. For information about the QParks Tour visit www.qparkstour.com, the Facebook pages of the Snowboard and Freeski Tour or the QParks Tour Instagram Account. For updates about the Snowpark Turracher Höhe visit www.snowpark-turracherhoehe.com or the park’s Facebook page.

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